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This client is a seller of used DSLR cameras. He came to LYFE Marketing to help him increase his sales.

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Can Social Media Sales Strategy Work For A High Dollar Product?

Here’s the truth:

Social media impact on sales has NOTHING to do with “keeping your social media channels updated with posts”.

(Yes, really)

Instead, social media marketing increases sales when:

  • You create really engaging content.
  • You reach the “right” audience.

The question is:

What steps are necessary to do this as quickly as possible and in the most cost effective way?

The answer: a proven strategy for social media advertising

Here at LYFE Marketing, we have tested and tried hundreds of social media tactics.

After learning from many mistakes and having enough historical data to understand what works, we are able to develop proven social media strategies that focus marketing objectives that matter.

A big part of a social media sales strategy is leveraging sponsored ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels.

Maybe you are curious if you can generate social media sales for a product that sales for over $500?


Social Media Results

Take a look at the screenshot below from one of our client selling used DSLR cameras:

Facebook Retargeting campaigns:

DSLR Camera
  • Period: 36 hours
  • Reach: 17,311
  • Purchase: 14
  • Amount Spent: $968.08
  • Purchase Value: $6,785.97
  • Cost Per Purchase: $69.15

Notice that we aren’t tracking the number of total fans or engagement levels, but the main KPIs.

In other words, we are tracking numbers that really impact a business’s success or failure

But the first step towards generating these types of results is putting together a plan of attack or..

A proven social media sales strategy.

Here’s a look at one of our slides from our social media strategy decks:

DSLR Camera

Phase 1: Research of Competitors and Customers
Phase 2: Development of Ads and Growth Strategy
Phase 3: Implementation of Ads Strategy
Phase 4: Measurement and Reporting
Phase 5: Optimization Lifecycle

For the first time, we are revealing to the public more details on each phase of our strategy.


We want to showcase what truly makes us different and answer our prospects deepest questions on how we work. For true transparency, we want to show you exactly how our company can help you grow.

Phase 1: Research of Competitors and Customers.

More than likely at this stage, your competitors (primary or secondary) are already on social media. Why not learn from what they are doing before you start? What is working for them? What is not?

That’s why the first thing we do is develop a competitor analysis.

We breakdown exactly what social channel they’re on, what content is resonating, what the weaknesses are and total fan base.

Next, we move into researching your ideal customer.

This is done by developing a customer avatar. A simple, yet very powerful analyzation.

Customer Avatar

Phase 2: Development of Ads and Growth Strategy

Now that we have research, it’s time to start the campaign right?


It is time to take that research and turn it into an actionable strategy.

When drawing up a social media strategy, it’s important to keep your primary short-term goals and long-term goals at the forefront.

You’ve probably heard of all the benefits of social media like…

  • Brand awareness
  • Customer engagement
  • Building email list
  • More targeted
  • Generating leads
  • Driving sales
  • Establishing credibility
  • Brand Loyalty

Phase 3: Implementation of Ads Strategy

This step is also the third step in our company process.

This is where LYFE Marketing takes over and implements your strategy. In this phase, we develop a timeline for execution, set benchmarks and do the work.

Our clients love having the peace of mind of knowing the marketing is working and having the time to focus on building their business.

Sit back and relax while our team helps the business grow.

Phase 4: Measurement and Reporting (THE RESULTS)

There are two things traditional marketing and bad marketers have in common..

They’re both terrible at measuring ROI.

But the truth is..

Measuring ROI is hard. There are tons of technical tasks to perform to properly track a campaign.

A big part of figuring out how to use social media to increase sales is set up tracking the right way.

Phase 5: Optimization Lifecycle

This is the most overlooked, yet valuable step in the process. Here we critically think about the results generated and what should we do to improve.

Sometimes we uncover ways to decrease cost by breaking down what audience is responding the best or what ads work best.

Other times, we are trying to discover the best way to scale the campaign up to increase more sales. We usually do this when there is clear ROI and it’s time to increase the budget or audience size. This is currently where we are at with Nidhi’s campaign.

We like to think of the optimization lifecycle as a baby trying to walk for the first time.

It takes a good amount of time to get results, but after enough tests, you will be able to see clear ROI.


Selling high-end products such as DSLR cameras is not an easy feat. You need to know your target audience, where you can reach them, and how you can persuade them to buy from you. This client- a DSLR camera seller, sought out our services to help him increase sales.

Our team of ad specialists utilized social media ads such as Facebook Retargeting campaigns to better reach those users who have shown interest in products like DSLR. By effectively running these campaigns and creating custom audiences, we were able to boost his sales! The ads resulted in 14 purchases which translated to $6,785.97 in revenue.

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