Clearon Bleach Tablets is a brand new bleach product found in over 700 Walmarts across the country.


Clearon Bleach wanted to reach college students and young adults in multiple parts of the nation, as quickly as possible. This led them to considering social media as an avenue to quickly reach their target market and to advertise their product on a daily basis at a low cost.

I knew LYFE Marketing would help with social media, but still, I just didn’t think people would talk, tweet this much about bleach!


LYFE Marketing developed a strategy that would help Clearon reach hundreds of thousands of people within a 3-month time span. This strategy involved content creation, consumer engagement, audience growth, design, strategic contests, and much more.

Our team searched several keywords related to bleach and engaged with the thousands of people who were already talking about washing clothes and bleach products. Our contests and giveaways were specifically tailored to the audience they aimed to reach.