H-Massage Case Study- How We Drove Over 400 Leads Using Social Media

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The Results


Booked massages through Facebook ads


Booked massages through Twitter & Instagram


Follower and Fan Count


How does a small local business, like H-massage, get big results using social media?
Within 12 months, 370 people booked a massage via Facebook ads.
Here’s a peek at an ad campaign:

Hmassage Ad

And a small sample of the leads that followed:

We’ll talk more on this later.

But this case study is about much more than Facebook advertising results.
It’s a complete social media overhaul.

Another 100 people booked a massage via Twitter/Instagram…

…and H-massage increased their awareness and built an impressive local following across multiple channels at the same time.

Services Used

All of this was accomplished with a very simple strategy:

  • Create and post great looking content – this creates a sense of trust to those who never heard of your business before. If it looks good, it must be good. Right?
  • Build a laser targeted following – platforms like Twitter and Facebook have great targeting features that allow you to target potential customers within a specified set of miles from a local business.
  • Advertise to their fans and followers – your social media fans and followers are more receptive to trying a product or service because they already have context with the business.

Lets dive deeper into each step of the strategy:

First: Create and Post Great Looking Content

Our mission: get consumers to want a massage, when they don’t know they want a massage.

To do this, we used imagery that would place the consumer in the chair of a masseuse after seeing one of our posts.

3 types of content we created:

Believe it or not, consumers will do research on your business before they decide to take their wallets out of their pockets and purses.

This includes searching your social media channels – so your pages need to look great!

Hmassage Content Foot Massage

For this reason, we make great looking content a priority for our clients – a business’s first impression on social media could be their last.

Second: Build a Laser Targeted Following

To date, H-Massage has a total of 9,711 followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Not bad for a local massage business, huh?

Here’s a snapshot of Twitter again:

Here’s their Facebook:

Can’t forget Instagram:

Notice how the designs of all channels are congruent across all platforms?

This helps their fans and followers to easily identify their brand as they switch from platform to platform.

To grow their following we implemented what we call a “targeted follow back program.”

Our team put in the time and effort to handpick and follow the people we thought fit the description of an H-Massage customer.

And because H-Massage is local, we focused our targeting within a 1-15 mile radius from their exact address.

Over the course of a year, their following sustained continual growth and continues to grow.

Last: Advertise to their fans and followers

Advertising to current fans and followers is a strategy that works EVERY TIME.

Mainly for one reason:

  • The people who currently follow you on social media already have context with your business and now they are more receptive to your solicitations.

Similar to how you might buy a shirt from your cousin before you buy a shirt from someone off the street.

Take a look at this ad again:

Hmassage Ad

Whoa, see all of those likes and shares!

This ad works because anyone seeing this will immediately imagine himself or herself getting a massage and the deal is clearly visible.

When a person clicked the link in the ad, that person was sent to this landing page to book their massage:

We first posted this to the H-Massage Facebook page. Once we saw the great response it got, we advertised it to reach 100% of their fans and followers.

Take a look at the comments this ad received:

It’s safe to say this ad worked well.

And the people who didn’t book a massage right away now know where to go if they need one at a later date.

In total, we ran 89 different advertising campaigns – testing and optimizing until we found the perfect audience/ad design that worked the best.

Top Ads & Destination URL

H-Massage now has one of the best social media campaigns for a massage parlor in Atlanta.

H-Massage Overview:

  • Massages Booked via social media: 452
  • Follower and Fan Count: 9,711
  • Social Media Channels: active and looking great

How does your social media compare?

Truthfully, results are possible for any business with the right social media team.

Now it’s your turn!

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