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Restaurant Digital Marketing 

The world of restaurant marketing is becoming increasingly digital. First it was credit cards. Then there was online ordering. Then it was mobile tablets as cash registers. Next came loyalty apps. Now we have tap to pay machines. What’s next? If you want to stay a competitive restaurant with full tables, then you need make your presence known to the public, and the best way to do that is through restaurant digital marketing.


Social Media Growth

We offer full-service social media management & advertising services. Our restaurant marketing company will help your business attract more patrons to walk through your doors by developing a strong social media presence. We use visually engaging content to increase follower growth and daily interaction. We promote new menu items, featured drinks, events, chefs, and other unique restaurant highlights.


SEM & Google Ads

We run localized pay-per-click search ads that describe the atmosphere of your restaurant, the menu selection you offer, and your location, hours, and contact information for people searching for a place to grab a drink or bite to eat near them. And for those patrons who have considered your restaurant but maybe haven’t dined yet, we retarget them with mouth watering imagery representing your restaurant in an enticing manner.


Email Newsletters

What better way to reach potential, current, and past diners than the way they want to be reached: email! Not only do your customers prefer this method of communication, but you can easily keep your them informed on your seasonal menus and weekend specials through a personalized method. From custom newsletters to triggered automations, we do it all. Your restaurant will never be more connected with your customers.


Content Marketing

Our content restaurant marketing services will help you produce quality content that teaches your customers more about your business, where you source your food from, favorite recipes, nutrition, and more. You can virtually invite customers into your kitchen for behind the scenes clips and professional tips from your chefs.


Website Design 

More often than not, your website is the first interaction future customers have with your restaurant, whether it be just browsing the menu or placing an online order for delivery. You want your menu items accurately depicted with crisp photos & bright colors – making patrons mouths water and urging them to dine.


SEO – Organic Traffic

Your potential customers turn to a search engine any time they are looking for a place to eat near them. Be the restaurant that shows up first and piques their interest. With search engine optimization (SEO) your restaurant can rank at the top of local searches, and be the first restaurant to quench a thirst or curb a craving.

The Restaurant Marketing World

In recent years the restaurant industry has seen a growth in online ordering. Most of these orders were 26% greater in size over typical walk-in or call-in orders. People love the ability to customize every piece of their order online.


Aside from online ordering, the data you can gather from restaurant digital marketing is invaluable. Through restaurant marketing on various digital platforms, you can learn the demographics, behaviors, and interests of your customers. Align this data with localization and you have yourself a powerful restaurant marketing strategy that is a force to be reckoned with.

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Digital Marketing in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurant digital marketing gives you the tools and the opportunity to start winning the loyalty game among customers. You have the ability to create a true following that returns to your restaurant time and time again, “regulars” if you will. Some people think restaurant marketing is just about getting customers in the door, but it is about so much more than that. It’s about keeping your customers returning back to your restaurant by keeping them informed, offering discounts, and sharing your knowledge. Restaurant owners that we work with typically see the following benefits from our restaurant marketing efforts:


  • Increase in foot traffic
  • Increase in sales revenue
  • Greater check amounts
  • Larger profit margins
  • Improved branding
  • Repeat customers and longevity


Probably the ultimate benefit of digital marketing, but ironically the least measurable is word of mouth marketing. When your business is booming, people talk, especially about a great restaurants with even better food and service. And 90% of people believe the recommendations friends and peers give them. Marketing your restaurant digitally will help you be one of those restaurants they recommend.

How We Helped a Local Restaurant Grow Followers & Engagement by the THOUSANDS!

We have had dozens of restaurant clients over the years, but one that stands out to us is a fan favorite by all. In just the first 6 months of us working on their digital marketing campaign, we grew their social media following by over 17,000 and increased engagement 80,000% in just 6 months. Over 2 years later and we are still growing these numbers. The same client has now more than doubled that data with no sign of stopping. You can see these kinds of results too! Just contact us using the form below.



We Anticipate Change & Stay Ahead of It

The digital restaurant world changes as fast as consumer preferences change. In order to keep your business as a #1 restaurant in your community, we constantly stay informed on digital innovations and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly, keeping your competitors out of the kitchen!

We Know Food.
We Love Food.

As a restaurant owner, you wouldn’t hire a chef without any cooking experience, so why would you hire a digital marketing firm without any restaurant industry experience? You wouldn’t. We have several restaurant clients, who have happily served more and more customers with the help of our marketing experts.

Find Your Niche

We know that not every restaurant is different. Your casual restaurant is different from the corporate franchise down the street or the sports bar across the block, but you might be going after the same customers. You just have to do it in a different way, your own way. Every restaurant has a special voice that represents their brand. We preserve that voice and shout it from the rooftops through digital marketing.

Restaurant Marketing Success Factors

We take those extra few steps other marketing companies aren’t willing to do for you. We incorporate the elements below into your marketing campaign to ensure you’re always performing at your best.

  1. Research Your Competitors. If you’re going to be the best, you have to know who you need to beat. We put in the work and determine that before constructing your marketing plan.
  2. Over-Communicate. You always have an open line of communication when working with us. Schedule weekly or bi-weekly calls with your specialist so you are always up to date on progression.
  3. Stay Trendy. Our specialists stay informed on the latest in the restaurant industry so they can always put their best foot forward with your campaigns. They will always suggest new elements they believe will help your campaign.



Map Out a Plan

Your digital marketing plan is not different than your menu. You use a menu to help inform customers and guide them on what they want to eat and drink. A digital marketing plan lays out the marketing strategy you’ll take to inform potential customers about your business.

Ads, Content & Promotion

Our ad specialists create content that promote your restaurant’s events through social media advertising on the platforms that are best for your restaurant. All content is created with the focus of capturing customer attention and filling seats in your restaurant.

Daily Monitoring 

Your restaurant requires just as much attention online as it does offline. Your customers are posting comments and asking questions. They need your interaction and responses. We give them just that within 24 hours with our daily monitoring. We also perform reputation management on social media and other various platforms like Google and Yelp.


The key to keeping a lifelong customer is to stay engaged. Our specialists consistently post and engage with consumers daily on social media platforms. They help form a connection with customers that keeps them as loyal patrons.


Repeat customers is what keeps your restaurant thriving year after year. Just like optimizing your ads keeps them bringing in more leads year after year. We continuously monitor progress made in your digital marketing efforts and optimize them to the liking and needs of your target audience to obtain the best results.

Restaurant Marketing in Digital Times

It’s no secret that the competition in the restaurant industry is tough. The name of the game is becoming even more difficult as technology innovations continue. That’s why the help of a full service digital marketing agency like ours is a necessity. Stop seeing numbers fall and start seeing them rise.


We approach all of our restaurant digital marketing services with a customer focus strategy aimed at getting paying customers through your restaurant doors. Whether you have a small local coffee shop, own a chain of franchises, operate a sports bar, or host fine dining evenings, we have a package of services that will help your restaurants orders multiply.

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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