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More Customers

A greater social media presence brings more customers to your site and your restaurant. More customers means a lower acquisition cost per customer, which means more profit in your pocket!

Build Credibility

More activity on social media builds credibility with your followers. They trust what you have to say and want to hear from you more.

Brand Awareness

Stretch your reach across multiple social media channels to increase brand exposure. The greater social media footprint you have, the greater impact you make on your community.

A Snapshot of Social Media for Restaurants

There are almost 300 million posts on Instagram alone with the #food, over 23 million with #drink, and over 20 million with #restaurant, so it’s no secret that people love food and they love to post about it, which is why social media is one of the best platforms for restaurant marketing.


In addition to these statistics, another fact of life is that people connect and bond over food. It’s why meal times are so important in so many cultures. It’s also how you, as a restaurant owner, connect with your customers. Most of the time you do it first through social media before you even see them in your restaurant. Around 61% of people need to see something 2 to 3 times on social media before they choose to make a purchase or visit the restaurant.

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Why You Need Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Develops Brand Awareness. Social media for restaurants will help you reach large numbers of restaurant goers in your area for a minimal cost. By using social media for restaurants, you can keep your restaurant at the front of customers’ minds even when they aren’t there. See your follower numbers grow and hear more people talking about your restaurant and recommending your dishes to friends, family, and coworkers.


Increases Customer Engagement. Build relationships with your customers through engaging posts about your restaurant. Interact with your customers by using social media for restaurants through giveaways, contests, and more. The more you engage with customers on social media the more opportunity you have to get their feedback on your menu items and develop a loyal following.


Increases in Orders. Actively using social media for restaurants will draw more foot traffic into your restaurant resulting in more tables sat and orders placed. An additional benefit will be increased traffic to your website which will also give you an increase in online orders for pick up or delivery.

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See more traffic online & offline in 2 months like our clients do

We have dozens of local restaurant clients, some with just one location and some with a dozen locations. No size business is too small or too big for our social media management company. A local casual cafe owner came to us looking to grow his reach so more of Atlanta knew about his locations. We manage the social pages for all 6 of his locations, and he saw a growth of over 4,600 new followers across 3 social platforms in just 2 months. And these were true fans that wanted to engage with his restaurant – which we could tell by the 1,300% growth in engagement he received throughout those 2 months. With the right strategy, content, and a social media company to help you, then you too can see similar results.


Develop a Strategy

Whether you are planning to open your restaurant soon and want to get a head start on branding, just opened your restaurant and need more traffic, or have been around longer than social media and just now joining the game, we will create a restaurant social media strategy specifically designed for your restaurant and target customers.

Custom Content

We create custom, original content using both our expertise and any additional visuals you want us to incorporate to represent your restaurant brand. All content is created with your ideal customers’ appetite in mind and aims to achieve the goal of filling your tables with returning customers on a daily basis.

Maintain Consistency

We will create a social media content calendar for you to view and approve each month so you know exactly what your customers and fans will be seeing on your social media platforms. People expect social media for restaurants to updated daily. They want something new to eat everyday, so they like to see new visuals from you everyday.


The key to high performance in social media for restaurants is monitoring your account daily and responding to customer comments and questions within 24 hours. We do this for you when you use our social media for restaurants services. Additionally we use organic tactics to grow your followers and build your account with true fans. You will see your numbers grow with these optimization tactics.


We send you detailed reports monthly derived from our reporting software that show the growth progress of your restaurant social media strategy. You can schedule a time to meet with us and discuss the details of these analytics. We always have an open line of communication with all of our clients, just as they have with their customers.


Use these metrics to monitor your restaurant’s social media growth.

  1. Follower Growth. As your followers grow online, so will orders at your restaurant. More growth means more knowledge and more people to get the word out.
  2. Increased Engagement. Talk to your visitors on social media the same way you would when they are in your restaurant. The more you engage, the more they keep coming back.
  3. More traffic. The more active your business is on social media, the more traffic you can drive to your site to learn about your menu and specials before making the choice to dine with you.


Industry Experience

We love food, and we love our clients, especially the restaurants! We’re no food critic, but definitely have had our fair share of experience in the restaurant industry and are always happy to share our industry expertise with others, especially through social media and small business restaurant owners.

Foodie Specialists

You will work with specialists who are specifically trained to help businesses succeed in social media marketing for restaurants. Your dedicated specialist is knowledgeable in all the latest social media updates and restaurant industry happenings.  

Full Service

Our digital marketing company will not only service your restaurant through social media marketing for restaurants but also through SEO, PPC, website design, email and content marketing. Outsourcing your marketing is best when you can work with a full service agency like ours that can seamlessly manage all parts of your digital marketing strategy.

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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