Home Team Apparel: T-Shirt Printing Atlanta is a local business that offers t-shirt printing for Atlanta businesses, organizations, and individuals.


Home Team Apparel has their own storefront location inside of a high-traffic mall, majority of their sales are from foot-traffic and their owner approached our company in hopes of changing that. We were faced with the challenge of increasing online sales within a 3-month time-period.


In order to increase online sales, we did a few things very quickly. First, we audited Home Team’s entire online presence and determined that it was time for a website upgrade. Our team understood that in order to increase online sales, the website had to be flawless. Therefore, we started with a website redesign.

Second, after redesigning the website, it was time for Phase 2. This consisted of driving relevant traffic to website who may be potential buyers. We did this in two ways: 1) Social Media Management and 2) Search Engine Marketing

Lastly, we used search engine marketing to advertise directly on Google to direct potential buyers to Home Team Apparel. Our certified AdWords team worked to find the lowest cost opportunities for Home Team to generate quality leads.


Website Design



Mid-volume Lead