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west coast goalkeeping.

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West Coast Goalkeeping sells soccer goalkeeper gloves and supporting goalkeeper products. They sponsor some of the best goalkeepers in North America and are the largest goalkeeping outfitter in America. They produce elite-level gloves at an affordable price, providing more designs and options for gloves than any other brand. They are well-known in the American soccer world.

Services Used

Challenges & Objective

The goal of our short video marketing efforts is to elevate our client’s social media presence, increase brand awareness, and drive engagement. In this case, we used Reels to showcase the gloves’ features and benefits. By creating captivating reels that highlight key selling points such as durability and performance, and following funny trends that connect with the target audience, we effectively differentiated the brand in a competitive market.

Leveraging organic tactics like Reels trends and user-generated content alongside targeted paid social ads has ultimately increased followers, engagement, and purchases.


  • Reel #1: 1,100 likes and 25,500 video views
  • Reel #2: 586 likes and 11,900 video views
  • Reel #3: 424 likes and 11,000 video views
  • ROAS 44: 1

Along with launching paid advertising campaigns, organic posts have been posted at least once every day, ensuring the business stays active on all social media. This included a mix of static image posts, product highlights, short videos, and trending Capcut template short videos. The Capcut template videos have had a lot of success, generating a lot of engagement.

Our top-performing short video reel has over 1,100 likes and 25,500 video views. This is followed by another video receiving 586 likes and 11,900 video views, a video receiving 428 likes and 17,000 video views, and a video receiving 424 likes and 11,000 video views. These results are from just four of our top-performing reels. These reels have been posted organically and have not had any paid ad spend behind them.

We then ran paid social media advertising retargeting the engagement and views we’d driven organically to achieve a 44:1 return on ad spend.

Supporting Visuals

west coast goalkeeping.
west coast goalkeeping.
west coast goalkeeping.
west coast goalkeeping.


West Coast Goalkeeping was looking to increase engagement, organic social media following, and sales. Along with paid social advertising, we have achieved great results through organic short video posts.

  • Over 25,000 video views on top-performing Instagram reel
  • ROAS of 44:1 from organic short video posts and paid social advertising

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west coast goalkeeping


west coast goalkeeping


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