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Your restaurant website design needs to be just as good as your food, customer service, and atmosphere. It needs to convey these quality elements through a digital screen. The methods we apply to your restaurant web design will get you there.

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A Look at Restaurant Website Design

Your website serves as the hub of all online activity associated with your restaurant, so you want to make sure it is fine tuned and is visually appealing. The visual appearance for a restaurant web design is more important than it is for other industries. Your customer judges how tasty your food is before they even try it – solely based on the images on your site.


94% of consumers view your website and choose to trust your restaurant or reject you for a competitor solely based on how your website looks. Additionally, if users cannot easily find what they are looking for on your site, whether they are on mobile or desktop, they leave your site for a competitors within 10 to 20 seconds. We live in a fast paced world where people continuously expect instant gratification. Your restaurant website design should be the place where they receive that gratification.

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Why Do You Need a New Restaurant Website Design?

Higher Conversions. The most profitable benefit to a new website design that most of our clients see is increased conversions. Conversions come in all forms whether its a sign up for your restaurant newsletter or an order placed for the first time by a new customers. No matter the type of conversion a visitor chooses to make in their buyer’s journey, the better your site, the greater trust they will have in your restaurant and choose to make a purchase.


Improve SEO. There are many elements of website design that aid in increasing your performance in search engine optimization. A new restaurant website design with a user-friendly interface will increase the number of pages visited throughout your site which in turn increases the time visitors spend on site. These two elements tell search engines that your site offers valuable content that visitors want to explore, thus giving your site more authority allowing it to rank higher on search engine results.


Greater Brand Awareness. A new restaurant website design will create and further develop relationships with your customers before you even meet them face-to-face in your restaurant. During that time, your well designed trust will gain their trust and also their recommendations to their friends and family. Thus creating a greater brand awareness both online and via word of mouth marketing.

Does your web design reflect your company’s values, service, and professionalism? It should.

Whether you need a full medical website design custom built from scratch, a redesign for your current healthcare website design, or just some minor updates, we can accommodate you. Turning your vision into a reality through medical website design is our trade and helping your business grow is our expertise.



Attractive Design

A restaurant website design that is attractive and builds credibility is the key to keeping customers on your site once they have landed there. If your design is visually appealing and offers elements and information that makes people trust your business, then your sure to gain more online orders and reservations.

Responsive Theme

About 85% of consumers search for local restaurants, like yours, online, and over half of these searches are performed on mobile devices. Additionally, 57% of customers order their food from a website, most of these on mobile because they are on the go and looking for a quick bite and want to save time. If your site is not mobile responsive then Google will not rank your site over others that are, so it may be difficult for searchers to find you. For these reasons, a responsive theme is not only an important element for restaurant website success, but it is a necessity. Which is why all of our designs are streamlined and mobile responsive. Our mobile restaurant website designs of easy to navigate features with larger fonts for small screens and larger buttons for easy ordering with fingers on small screens.

User-Friendly Site

If your site isn’t designed properly, then you will see an increased bounce rate and lower conversions. It is our goal to correct these issues and deliver a restaurant website design that offers a seamless user-friendly experience to all visitors. In order to do this, we organize your site’s menu structure, add clear call to action buttons, optimize your page load speed, and implement customer reviews.


Consumers read restaurant reviews more than they read any other industry or product reviews. Give them what they want to see and you will drive traffic to your newly designed website, and probably gain a customer out of it too! All of these elements will improve user experience and make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for on your site.

Best Practices for a Healthy Restaurant Website Development

We follow all these best practices when building your website, so you are always performing at top efficiency. 

  1. User Friendly. Make choosing what’s for dinner simple with an easy to navigate website.
  2. Maintenance. We offer ongoing maintenance packages so you know your website is always is in line with all the latest updates.
  3. Page Speed. You never want to make people wait for a table, so don’t make them wait on you site to load either.


Industry Experience

Not all websites can be designed the same. Our extensive industry experience has taught us that. You need your restaurant website designed with dining customers and online orders in mind. No worries! The cooks in our kitchen have just the right ingredients to craft the perfect restaurant website design.

Professional Design

We don’t give you a web platform and then make you drag and drop designs on your own like other companies. When you work with us, you are paying for a fully coded and customized restaurant website design. Our designers are professionals that are trained in what works best for restaurant web design. They put in the time needed and go the extra mile to create a beautiful and functional design for your restaurant’s website with no additional work on your end.

Full Service Marketing Firm

We know how important your website is for conversions through social media, PPC, SEO, email, and more. That’s because we specialize in all of these services as well. Working with a company that can not only perform your website design but also knows how it links to your other digital marketing efforts is perk in itself.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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