How To Grow Your Church

Increase Your Church Members With Digital Marketing

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How To Grow Your Church With Church Digital Marketing

Your church growth is monumental to sustaining your belief and vision for your organization. Growth provides your local church with the resources to be able to expand real estate, cover rent and utilities, support aligned causes, and more. Internet marketing is one of the best church growth strategies for increasing your church attendance.

Let us help you grow your church.

Number 1.

Social Media Marketing

Today, there are billions of social media users worldwide, and that number is growing every day. With the number of social media channels that are available, it is now easier to reach and gain new audiences online. An effective church Instagram strategy, for instance, allows you to invite people to see and visit your church by using photos and videos. This is especially effective for millennials who are very fond of visiting beautiful places. We can help you craft an engaging social media content that will maximize your reach in your local area.

Number 2.

PPC & Google Ads

If you are looking for ways on how to increase your church attendees faster, then you should consider Pay-Per-Click advertising. You see, PPC ads are not only recommended for businesses to get sales, but they can also be for non-profit organizations like yours. It’s a great way to increase your brand awareness so that more churchgoers can recognize and discover your small church. We will create campaigns to help you fill up your Sunday mornings with new members.

Number 3.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the easiest ways for churches to connect with their members and new visitors. It’s a great tool to send information to all of your church members or a particular small group (like certain Sunday Schools, the choir group etc.). It helps to know that the average open rate for non-profits such as churches is 28%! We can help you achieve this percentage or even higher with strategic email marketing.

Number 4.

Short Video Management

Research shows that a lot of millennials use the internet to look for churches where they can nurture their faith and spiritual journeys. Get in front of these audiences by creating short videos that showcase your church community. Film a short virtual tour of your church or promote an event to encourage more visits from your local community. Foster relationships with your potential church members by sharing videos of sermons or worship songs.


We understand that as a minister, senior pastor, preacher, administrator, etc. you probably don’t have enough time in the day to manage all of your church marketing efforts. Of course, there are tons of duties that need to be done. Sermon series and messages to prepare, staff to manage, utilities that need to be settled and a whole lot more. Marketing your church online is probably the last on your list.


We understand that as a minister, senior pastor, preacher, administrator, etc. you probably don’t have enough time in the day to manage all of your church marketing efforts. Of course, there are tons of duties that need to be done. Sermon series and messages to prepare, staff to manage, utilities that need to be settled and a whole lot more. Marketing your church online is probably the last on your list.

However, it doesn’t have to be! This is especially true if you’re looking for strategies for growing your church. Many of our church or christian clients come to us using traditional marketing methods, but if you’re thinking of how to increase your church members and reach a number of people, then you need to be where most of them are. And that is, online.

Right now, there are people in your area who are looking for a church home. These people are broadcasting loudly on social media that they are actively looking. Here’s a screenshot of people seeking a new church home on Twitter. Engaging with this audience will help increase membership at your church.

However, if you don’t know where to start, no worries. We’re here to help.

Benefits Of Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency
To Grow Your Church

Reach A Wider, Targeted Audience

There are a lot of people who want to be closer to God, learn more about the bible and be a part of a christian community. However, gone are the days when all you can do is to wait for people to visit your church. In today’s era, you have the power to reach out to them first. With our social media strategy, it will allow new people to discover your church, learn more about your community and eventually, be the first place that comes to mind if they decide to join a church community.

Make Yourself Accessible

Almost all research now starts online. When users search for “churches near me”, you need to ensure that your local church is found in the search results. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s on social media or search engines. Our marketing strategies can increase your online presence all around thus making it easier for users to find you.

Strengthen Your Community

Did you know that nearly 6 out of 10 young people who grew up in church end up walking away? One of the main reasons is because they didn’t feel like they belonged in a community and attending church services started to feel like an obligation. By using digital marketing, it will give them an avenue to communicate with you and other church members, thus touching people’s lives and cultivating your community relationship.

Increased Donation Potential

Church leadership can sometimes give you a hard time especially with raising fund donations. With digital marketing, you are no longer limited to collecting cash or checks at a physical location. If you have a secured, reliable church website, then you can provide a means for people to donate to your church wherever they are. Imagine offering the convenience of cashless donations to your congregations and people all over the world; that will surely boost your donations.

We’ve increased church attendance to our clients’ churches by 30% in 3 months or less.

Our agency doesn’t only focus on businesses who want to increase their profits and sales, we are also into helping non-profit organizations! LYFE Marketing’s team of digital marketing experts will deliver organic marketing initiatives to help you increase visitation, convert unchurched people to new members of your church, and follow up on your current church members to keep them coming back. If you want to learn more about how to grow your church using our services, then simply click the button below to get started.

What Makes LYFE Marketing Perfect For Your Needs

We Understand Church Marketing

We Understand Church Marketing

Church marketing is different from other types of business marketing. We know that you are not necessarily after sales, conversions or profit. Your goal is to increase your church members and invite people to join you. This alone makes church marketing so special. We always take these things into consideration when creating a marketing strategy for your church.

We Are Industry Experienced

We Are Industry Experienced

You may not want to trust your church into the hands of marketers who are new to church marketing. Fortunately, we’re not! We’ve been in this industry for years now and our team has hands-on experience with working for local churches like yours. We understand your needs and goals thus allowing us to create successful marketing campaigns for you.

It’s All About Your Church

It’s All About Your Church

Just like other businesses, we believe that every church has different goals. You have a unique mission and vision for your community. With our marketing services, we make sure that all our marketing efforts are aligned with your goals and reflect your mission.


Personalized Strategy

We don’t reuse our marketing strategies. Each of them are crafted for a specific business or organization aligned with their own needs and goals. This strategy includes custom content and campaigns for your church.

Build Trust

For someone to visit your church for the first time, they need to build trust in your community first. They need to know who they are sharing their values and faith with. After all, these people will allot their Sunday mornings to be with you and know more about God. For that to happen, they would surely want to be with people who they can entrust their spiritual growth with. Our strategy will help you create and build that trust.

Valuable Content

When readers visit your church website, social media pages or emails, do they stop to read the content? Or do they just hit the back button? Unlike your signage, these platforms need to have more than just your church name- they need valuable information. Something that will persuade them to visit your local church personally. Make them stay and learn more about your church and community with our engaging content.


Finding Ways On How To Grow Your Church? Let Us Help You!

Looking to increase your church members? You’ve come to the right place. In today’s era, we help churches gravitate away from traditional marketing and embrace digital marketing in an appropriate, effective way. If you really want to grow your church attendees, then digital marketing is the answer!

As we’ve mentioned above, with online marketing, the ability to reach a wider audience is greater. As they say, the sky’s the limit, but it will depend on how you utilize your digital marketing tools. And for that, let us, LYFE Marketing, help you.

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