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Jalia Walda is a health and wellness company that sells products such as tummy teas, soaps, body creams, feminine hygiene and more. She came to LYFE Marketing to increase her exposure and bring in more sales.

Services Used

Challenges & Objective

Our main goal was to separate Jalia Walda from similar products and competitors. We needed to set up a campaign funnel that would bring more traffic to her website and result in increased conversions.

What Makes Our Strategy Successful

Conversion campaigns, the main one is targeted to skin interests AND also match engaged shoppers. The best ad is a video of a client speaking to the camera about the product. Also running conversion campaign based on lookalike audiences across website visitors, page engagement, purchasers, etc. This uses a dynamic ad with some pictures of the client using the product. Retargeting campaign retargets anyone that has interacted with the brand for up to 365 days, this ad is a carousel ad showing off various products.

Ad Results


  • $3,500 budget for the month
  • 3,901 link clicks at $0.91 CPC
  • 317 website purchases at $11.24 per purchase
  • 6.95 ROAS
  • $24,756 in revenue
walda jalia


Client provided assets such as the video of her talking to the phone and a 20% discount when purchasing has really helped this campaign. Retargeting a large audience helps drive up ROA numbers.

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