Facebook Marketing Company

Increase Awareness. Drive Sales. Improve Web Traffic.

Facebook Marketing Company

Increase Awareness. Drive Sales. Improve Web Traffic.

facebook marketing company

Boost Brand Awareness & Sales With A

Facebook Marketing Company

Over the last decade, hundreds of businesses across the nation have selected us as their go-to Facebook Marketing Company. Our Facebook marketing services help businesses like yours to increase awareness, get more customers and build a brand consumers love. Our approach is unique and tailored for your business and your success. Contact us to work with us today.

Why Do You Need To Use Facebook For Your Small Business?

With billions of Facebook users around the globe, having an effective social media marketing strategy on this platform has now become more essential for your business’ growth. However, creating a Facebook business page is not enough. You need to utilize all the Facebook marketing strategies available. This includes your content management and Facebook advertising. The following numbers will tell you the reasons why your business needs a Facebook marketing plan.

  • Facebook is the third most visited website

    next to Google and YouTube. And it is also the top Google search query.

  • 74% of Facebook active users

    are high income earners.

  • 15% of U.S. Facebook users

    utilize this social media platform to shop.

  • 90 million small businesses

    use Facebook as part of their digital marketing plan.

  • The number of Facebook ad campaigns’

    impressions increased by 33%.

  • An average Facebook user

    reportedly clicks on 11 Facebook PPC ads per month.

  • 94% of Facebook Ads

    revenue comes from mobile devices.

Do you now see how much Facebook can help business owners like you to achieve your business goals? Every time your target audience scrolls down their news feed, make sure to use this chance to promote your brand. But if you think that it will be too hard on your part, don’t fret. Our marketing agency can help you with that.

Everything You Need To Achieve Success in

Social Media Advertising, Nothing Less

Daily Management Of Your Page

It is super easy to get started with our white label program. Once we know who the client is and their pain points, our ad creatives team goes directly to developing a strategy and plan to reach the goals and success indicators of our client. Need a proposal by tomorrow? No sweat, our Facebook ad agency has a team who is agile enough to move mountains for you.


Increased Awareness and Sales

Most small businesses come to us and say, “I need more people to see my brand.” No problem! Our Facebook advertising agency uses a number of different Facebook strategies and marketing campaigns to make sure the masses know about your company and you stay on top of mind.

First, we create appealing ad copy for your landing page that is captivating enough to catch the attention of your target audience and clear call to actions that can be understood and acted upon. Secondly, we use targeted ads in various ad formats, offers and boosts posts to reach thousands of the right people at the right time based upon age, interests, location and more. We also utilize retargeting ads to target those people who have already shown some interest in your brand. Our a/b testing strategy will also help you see which ads perform best.

What To Expect From Our Facebook
Marketing Company

Optimized Facebook Page

Our in-house graphic designers make sure your pages look appealing and professional. Before we begin posting, we overhaul your page for better conversion rates, increased page likes and a fresh look. We will also make sure to include all vital information about your business on your Facebook profile to help in conversions. This includes your company’s about us section, phone number and location.

Interactive Engagement

It’s great to have a Facebook page that has a large number of followers. However, it is even better if those followers are also engaged with what you post. As your page grows, current and potential customers will be inspired to comment on your page. Our digital marketing agency will use this as an opportunity to build relationships with your audience so we can turn them from followers to customers of your business.

More Customers

Whoever your potential customer is, we increase your customer base and drive your sales with low-cost targeted advertising that pushes consumers to your website and/or into your store. We always ensure that you’ll get the most of the advertising costs you spend on your marketing campaigns. We focus on getting more customers for your business without requiring you to break the bank.

Frequent Posting

Some Facebook users unfollow a Facebook page once they see on their news feed that the page has inconsistent and low quality posts. With our social media marketing services, you don’t have to worry if your pages are remaining active or not. Depending on the post frequency package you agree on, we can post upwards of 1-4 times a day to keep your audience engaged and interested in your products or service.

Increased Followers

We are a Facebook advertising agency that uses advanced techniques to dramatically grow your Facebook page likes and follows at costs as low as .05 cent a follower on a continuous basis. The more followers your Facebook page has, the higher chances you have for converting these users into real actual buyers of your brand.

Re-targeted Website Visitors

People who visit your website are the most likely to purchase from you. These people are in some way interested in what you offer, but they don’t always convert the first time they visit your site. That’s why we use retargeting ads to re-engage your website visitors with strategic marketing campaigns every time they login to Facebook. This allows your brand to remain on top of mind.

A Few Facebook Marketing Success Stories

Social Media for University Reality

University Realty

PA housing property gets 123 new leads via Facebook.

Super Lawn Trucks

Super Lawn Trucks

Trucking company wins BIG on Facebook with .05 cents/click.

What Makes Our Facebook Marketing Services

Perfect For Your Business Needs


We Have Years Of Experience

As business owners, we understand that it’s difficult for you to entrust someone with your business not knowing if they can effectively deliver the task or not. Our Facebook marketing company has years of experience working with different businesses across all industries. We know how Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising work. Our case studies can attest to that.


We Are Always Up-To-Date

One of the things that makes social media marketing similar to other facets of digital marketing such as email marketing, and PPC advertising is that it is always changing. The algorithms and updates from social media platforms are constantly evolving. What works today might not work as much tomorrow. Our social media marketing company ensures that we are always updated with the latest trends and marketing strategies on these social networks so you can be ahead of the competition.


We Are A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

We are not only a Facebook marketing company- we are an all-rounded one. You can also count on us for your other marketing needs such as email marketing, Google ads, PPC advertising, and video production. We also offer marketing services for other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. This makes us a one-stop shop for your business needs.

You’re 2 Steps Away From Getting Started On Boosting Your

Facebook Marketing!

Your Facebook page is more than just another social media account for your small business. It can be a great avenue for unlocking your business potential and achieving business growth! Being one of the top social media platforms with billions of active users worldwide, taking advantage of everything this social media giant has to offer is a must for small businesses.

An effective Facebook marketing strategy is the key to boosting your brand awareness, reaching your target audience, increasing your page likes, conversion rates and sales. Make today count and start reaching your business goals. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Give us a call at 404-596-7925 or click the blue button below to fill out our contact form.
  2. A social media specialist will get in touch with you to discuss your needs, any questions you may have and the next steps.

After that, we can get ready to work on the perfect Facebook marketing strategy for your business!

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