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Sell more products with ecommerce content marketing.

Our experienced writers publish content on your ecommerce blog and provide value to your customers.

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Increase Website Traffic

Publish custom content that provides value to your website visitors and drives traffic.

Improve Product Sales

Develop content that encourages consumers to purchase more of your products.

Increase Return on Investment

Generate everlasting content that brings continued traffic & sales for less cost than ads.

Why You Need to Consider Ecommerce Content Marketing for Your Business

The benefits of ecommerce content marketing are compounding and virtually endless.


  • Sites with ecommerce content marketing skyrocket in conversions from 0.5% to 2.9% as opposed to sites that do not have valuable content.
  • 72% of people feel they form a relationship with a brand through custom content.
  • 60% of people seek out a product after reading about it and 82% then have a more postitive opinion of that brand.


By providing information, value, imagery and more through your ecommerce content marketing efforts, you are building connections with your customers making them more likely to purchase from you.

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The Growth You’ll Experience With an Ecommerce Content Marketing Plan

More Awareness: Ecommerce content marketing is the best way to create brand awareness for your business and products. Share information through an ecommerce blog as well as how-to content, product videos, checklists, and more. As you continue to produce quality content you begin to form a following of loyal fans eagerly awaiting your next blog post or how-to video.


More Traffic: Ecommerce content marketing involves shareable content. If consumers like what you deliver, then they share it with their friends and drive more qualified traffic to your site and online store.


More Sales: Producing content for all stages of the buyer’s journey is key to influencing conversions through your ecommerce blog posts.


More Shares: Ecommerce content marketing significantly enhances all of your other digital marketing efforts. You can share your ecommerce blog & how-to videos through email or on social media to gain awareness for your blog. 

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We’ve Helped Hundreds of Small Businesses Grow Through Content Marketing, Just Like We’ve Grown LYFE Marketing

How did you find our website today? Without hesitation, we know that it was more than likely through search, social media, paid ads, email marketing or better yet through our blog. That is because we know and use content marketing for our business too. (And you could say we’re pretty good at it). We know exactly what it takes to develop a successful content marketing plan for our business and your ecommerce business. Want to read more? Check out our blog!



We Tell Your Brand’s Story

The most successful brands tell a story in their ecommerce content marketing efforts. Customers know your product, and they know how to find it because they are searching for it. That’s how they found you. Now that they have found you, they want to know more about you.

Strategy Development

Based on your goals and your story, we develop an ecommerce content marketing strategy that will help you tell that story through your ecommerce blog. Within this strategy we create a customer avatar that represents your audience. We will derive a strategy that captures your consumers’ attention, peaks their interest, fuels their desire, and encourages their actions toward making a purchase.

Writing for Your Ecommerce Blog

Our knowledgeable content writers create engaging and captivating content that tell your customers your story. In our ecommerce content marketing efforts, we strive to provide rather than sell. We make your brand resonate with customers on a personal level through education, nurturing, inspiring, entertaining, and ultimately feeding curiosity to keep your customers coming back to your ecommerce blog time and time again.


Once all copy is written and edited, we send it to you for approval. After you review content and get back to us with any edits, your content is published to your website or your ecommerce blog for all of your customers to view. Our services also include publishing to your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you wish to have more robust distribution, consider adding our social advertising services to your marketing plan. 

Tracking & Optimization

We track site traffic and engagement with the content we have created for you. As traffic grows, we continuously measure everything and provide you with clean and easy to understand monthly reports on the progress of your ecommerce content marketing efforts. We continue to optimize your content for your consumers even as their preferences change to ensure your business is always performing at its peak. 


Investing in ecommerce content marketing services unveils greater rewards than most small business owners may think.

  1. Heightened Brand Exposure Through Social Media
  2. Establish Your Business as an Industry Expert
  3. Become the Leading Choice When Consumers Need a Solution
  4. Increase the Size of Your Digital Footprint Online


Full Digital Marketing Services

We have years of experience and results proven efforts in ecommerce content marketing. This industry specific experience has given us the tools to lead clients to success through increased product sales and return customers.

Specialized Experts

Our staff is trained in specific areas for the sole reason of helping you succeed as a business owner. All specialists assigned to your account have extensive experience specifically in ecommerce content marketing. Should you choose to expand your services to email marketing and ecommerce social media management, you will have specialized personnel for those channels as well. Expect nothing less from us.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We know that not all online stores are the same, just like all their products aren’t the same. Which is why you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve working with dozens and dozens of clients that sell their products online. Whether you’re business is in fashion, sporting goods, hair care, consumer foods, or anything in between, we have helped someone like you grow their business.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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