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Internet Marketing Optimization Company

Do you want to grow your online presence and business? Utilizing our high-level internet marketing optimization company is the best way to reach your ideal target audience and drive sales! Looking to grow?
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Social Media Marketing

1 Social Media

Social media marketing is what LYFE Marketing was founded on! We really know our way around a successful social media campaign. There are different types of social media campaigns we can execute depending on what your business goals are. Social media management focuses more on driving social media followers and engagement, thus increasing your brand awareness. Social media advertising focuses on sending traffic to your website and driving either leads or sales for your company. Either way, our internet marketing optimization company is equipped to help you with both!

PPC Advertising

2 PPC & Google Ads

Depending on the nature of your business and the product or service that you offer, Google ads may be the best route for you! SEM (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay-per-click) are both interchangeable terms for Google ads. Here’s what happens when you implement Google ads: your website appears in the top search results as an ad when someone searches something on Google that’s relevant to what you offer. For example, if you sell natural dog food, and you want your website to appear when someone searches “healthy food for my dog,” PPC can help you do that quickly with an ad budget.

Email Marketing

3 Email Newsletters

Do you have an extensive e-mail subscriber list? If so, who does your list consist of? Is it existing customers or potential customers? If you have an e-mail list of people who have opted into your e-mails, our internet marketing optimization company can work with you to capitalize on those email subscribers. You may have heard the phrase “there’s money in the list,” but that’s only if you have an effective e-mail marketing strategy employed to convert the list into customers! Whether you implement newsletter e-mails or drip sequence e-mails, our internet marketing optimization company is here to help.

Content Marketing

4 Content Marketing

A lot of our clients that come to us offer a great service or product, but they don’t have strong marketing material that portrays that. Our internet marketing optimization company has a team of great content writers. We know how to represent your brand well and speak to your target audience in a way that grabs their attention. We do this through content marketing. You may have heard the phrase, “content is king!” That’s because the information and value given to your target market through good content is what establishes brand trust and influences your customers to purchase from you over competitors!

Web Design

5 Website Design

Your website design is crucial to a successful marketing strategy. For most businesses, a huge part of their sales cycle depends on traffic being sent to their website and converting. Is the design of your website setting you up for success? Your website has to convey what you sell while also being effective in converting your target audience. Our team pairs visuals with efficiency. Your website has to both look attractive and make sense strategically to convert the website visitors you receive there. This includes copywriting, graphic design, button placement and more! All of these features matter for a successful website design.


6 SEO – Organic Traffic

SEO (search engine optimization) is very similar to the SEM/PPC service we mentioned above! SEO accomplishes the same goal of helping your website rank for relevant keywords. The main difference is that SEO is performed organically (unlike SEM/PPC where you’re spending advertising dollars and paying Google for that top spot). SEO is a longer process of organic strategies that help you rank for the top organic spot in Google’s search results. At LYFE Marketing, we use SEO for our own marketing growth, so we know how to conduct SEO successfully. We can do the same for your business too.

LYFE Marketing Team


Let’s talk about why your business might need an internet marketing optimization company. There are 4.39 billion internet users today. Of those, there are 3.48 social media users, 2.81 billion people purchase e-commerce goods online and 63,000 Google searches happen every second.


We share those numbers to establish just how powerful and utilized the internet is. Those billions of people span many generations and demographics; it’s not just “young people” who utilize the internet. Because of this, it’s easy for every business to find a percentage of their target market online, regardless of who their target audience is.


Our internet marketing optimization company has the knowledge and experience to help you determine what your target market looks like online and which platform they’re spending the most time on.

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Can You Profit From Internet Marketing Optimization & If So, By How Much?

Every business has this one goal in mind. It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in and what kind of products or services you offer. You definitely want to increase your business’ profit, right? As business owners ourselves, we are with you on this. That’s why we want to help you achieve that goal through internet marketing. But how exactly can internet marketing boost your profit? Let’s check out these numbers.

Internet Marketing Optimization Company

38% is the average return rate

of email marketing for every $1 spent by marketers.

48% of consumers

started their product search using mobile, highlighting how important a mobile-friendly website is.

$2 is the average return rate

for every $1 online marketers spend using Google Ads.

64% of customers

state that Facebook videos have influenced them in buying products.

Businesses get 50% more sales

from nurtured leads compared to non- nurtured ones.

86% of women

tend to look at social media to help them decide on making a purchase.

61% of online readers

make a purchase based on blog’s recommendations.

93% of marketers

agree that social media videos helped them convert a lead into a paying customer.

If you want to increase your profit, then internet marketing is the key! With the numbers above, you surely can’t deny the effectiveness of these marketing strategies. The good news is that our internet marketing optimization company can help you create and implement these. Read on to learn more about the benefits of getting our internet marketing optimization services.

Reasons Your Brand Can Benefit From An Internet Marketing Optimization Company

Reach Customers

1 Reach Customers You Couldn’t Otherwise Across The Vast Internet

We just shared some numbers on this above. Out of the billions of users online, you’re bound to find a percentage of your target market online. Our team can help you pinpoint where those people are scrolling online and put your brand in front of them.


2 Stronger Brand Awareness

How many people have seen and know about your brand? Digital marketing can help increase that number. When digital marketing is performed well, your brand awareness will increase through multiple digital marketing outlets.

Return on Investment

3 Drive Profitable Results With Targeted Methods

In addition to driving large quantities of traffic to your website, internet marketing is great for driving quality traffic. This means we can target specific people that fall within your target audience so that we’re sending qualified traffic to your site.

Low Cost

4 Drive Those Results At A Low Cost

It doesn’t take but a few dollars to reach thousands of targeted people that specifically fit your buyer’s persona. This lowers your cost per acquisition in the long run.

Digital marketing

5 Focus On What You Do Best

Money isn’t the only thing you’ll save by hiring an internet marketing optimization company. Having experts work on your marketing campaign will free your time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.


6 Surpass Your Competition

If you Google search for the service or product you provide, does your website appear? If someone tries to find your business on social media, are there updated profiles to look at? If your customers aren’t finding your business online, they’re finding your competitors instead.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Grow Your Business & Reap The Benefits Of An Internet Marketing Optimization Company!

At LYFE Marketing, we’ve helped thousands of small businesses grow! We partner with small business owners just like you to craft a digital marketing strategy that benefits your business. If you’re ready to see an increase in results and ROI, click the button below!

Why Choose Us As Your Internet Marketing Optimization Company


Because Internet Marketing Is What We Do Best

As we mentioned, we’ve worked with thousands of small businesses to better their marketing campaigns and grow their business. If you want to check out a handful of success stories, you can take a look at any of our case study pages! Here is one of them. The point is, we are not strangers to this industry as we have a track record of results and success for our clients.


Because We Are Trained Professionals

The main reason we have been able to help so many businesses is because of our amazing team! At LYFE Marketing, we employ the best of the best in the digital marketing field. No matter which service you sign up for, you can expect an expert in that specific service to work on your campaign.


Because We're Always Up-To-Date

Digital marketing includes 24/7 media platforms that never sleep. That’s why our internet marketing optimization company stays on top of daily changes that happen including social trends, advertising policies and more.


As your internet marketing optimization company, it is our mission to see you thrive. We employ these strategies to ensure your marketing campaign’s success:

Internet Marketing Optimization Company

Customized Strategy

We do not recycle the same generic content for all businesses. We create a personalized, custom strategy for your brand with custom content and ads to follow.

Build Brand Trust

Customers appreciate when a company provides them with value. That’s why we portray your brand as one that helps its consumers. Instead of selling your product or service, we position it as something that can help your customers.

Utilize A/B Testing

One mistake we see a lot with clients’ previous marketing efforts is that they don’t A/B split test. We test multiple different variables across several ad campaigns so that we can find what works best for your business, faster!

Our Effective Process As An Internet Marketing Optimization Company

Initial Auditing

1 Before we do anything else, we audit your existing online presence and your past marketing efforts. This helps us see what steps we need to take next in accomplishing your goals.

Study Competitors

2 The next thing we do is perform a competitor analysis! We look at their strengths and weaknesses to see what’s working well for them and what’s working against them. Since you share a target market with them, it’s important to analyze their efforts.

Learn Target Market

3 The last thing we do before we launch is define your target market. We identify what your average customer looks like online by researching their pain points, goals, interests and behavior patterns.

Execute Strategy

4 When it’s time to launch, our team will execute everything from start to finish. Launching may look different depending on which service you’ve signed up for, but overall we start implementing the custom strategy we’ve built for you.

Monitor Progress

5 Like we mentioned before, digital marketing never sleeps! This is why we monitor your campaign with us every day. You can’t set up your digital marketing campaign once and leave it. That’s why we monitor daily and constantly seek to better your campaign.

Report & Adjust

6 We send monthly reports to our clients! We do this to share the data that depicts exactly what’s going on with your campaign. The report measures important metrics as it relates to your campaign and overall business growth.

Drive More Sales & Business By Using An Internet Marketing Optimization Company

As an internet marketing optimization company, we specialize in crafting marketing campaigns that work your business. Our team is comprised of expert digital marketers who have both the knowledge and experience to guide your campaign to success.


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